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Be the chessboard!

Inside your head there is this eternal chess game, that you could play until you get wrinkles and become old. It might be more useful to realize that you are not your feelings and thoughts. When we identify less with the mind we can start living the life we want no matter what thoughts and feelings come up on the way. You don’t need to feel different before you can start walking the path of your heart…

Stop playing the white versus black game in your head and start to walk in the direction of your long term values. Because white will never win, maybe for an instant or so. If we can do what we want and not care so much about who wins, we kind of become like the chessboard.

There is so much more possible then. Avoidance of negative feelings and thoughts on the short term can get us of the path of what we really value on the long other words: feel the fear and do it anyway <3

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